Randy Crump Consulting was established in 1997 with the intent of providing a broad range of software development services while maintaining a responsive and satisfying relationship with clients, both large and small. This approach results in systems that are excellent in technical performance and are easy and enjoyable to use.  Computer systems or, more precisely, the software used on them, should make your work easier, simpler and more efficient.  Software isn't supposed to cause you pain.  Really.

  What we do

Listening and communicating are as important to Randy Crump Consulting as design and coding. A well designed and executed system is worthless if it doesn't meet the needs of the client. The first step in any design process is to determine what is needed. It might be a custom database system or it might simply be a couple of scripts to integrate workflow. Or an off-the-shelf solution might be the right choice. At Randy Crump Consulting we will help determine what is required to meet your business needs, no more and no less.

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because software shouldn't be painful
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